SUNDAY 11th July 2004
Hill 112 Special 60th Anniversary event Hill 112, Normandy, France. 43rd Division Association Pilgrimage with a service at the 43rd Memorial and site of the Churchill tank.
SUNDAY JULY 9th 2000

This is a brief outline of the timings of Sundays ceremony...from organiser and fund raiser extroadinaire Albert Figg.......

9.30 - 13.00hrs Road closed to general public in front of memorial.
10.45 British standards, veterans etc. line up.
11.00 March off under Parade Marshal RSM Hynds (RTR) French standards will be on the hill to welcome British standards etc.

Salute to be taken by Brigadier Gadsby together with French representatives and other VIP's. The service will be taken by the RTR Padre.
Unveiling by Brigadier Gadsby. Last Post, Reveille, silence. Drinks etc will be available. WWII restored vehicles on parade.

The hand over of the tank will take place after the ceremony to the President of the Association Odon Cote 112 by Albert Figg. This will be followed by the laying of wreaths. It is advisable to be on site early as it estimated that there will be around 400 people present for the ceremony. Buses and cars will be directed by service personnel.

I appeal to you to accept their order to avoid any bottle neck. The earlier you can arrive the better as this will ease the congestion but will also give each of you more time to meet old comrades.

You are actively encouraged to wear medals and headgear for this special occasion.
.Saturday the 8th sees a rehearsal of the following days event. I would like as many of those taking part in the parade and standard bearers to be present, it will help make the day run smoothly.

There is a possibility of tour around the area taking in some of the key sites of the battle, with possibly a visit to the landing beaches.
The Minden Band, who will be taking part in the ceremony, will be giving a concert on the Saturday evening at 20.30hrs in Fontaine Etoupefour.

This promises to be a very unique occasion whereby you will be able to show your thanks to all the tank crews, associated armed forces soldiers and members of the Resistance who laid down their lives during this ferocious battled that raged through June, July and August 1944, which was undoubtedly the turning point for the successful conclusion of WWII.

I implore all of you to attend, if at all possible, so that we can remember those who had no choice but to stay in a corner of a foreign field forever England.

If you need any more information , or were in Normandy in 1944 we would love to hear from you.
More information can be obtained from:
Albert Figg at: 135 Rough Common Rd, Canterbury, Kent CT2 9BS Tel: 01227 785227